B2 German Advanced - review course & exam preparation

Group size: 3-6 students, join ongoing classes anytime, fees pro-rated if you join later.

Level: B2 review & exam preparation

Duration: 24 lessons x 120 min

Class type: 1session

Books: 28 CHF

Course fee: 1'200 CHF with 4-6 students in class; time reduced to 90min if only 3 students in class

Time: Monday & Wednesday

From: January 6, 2020

To: April 8, 2020

Language skills required: B2


No class on: Feb 10-23, 2020 (Sportferien)

What you will learn: In this course you will start with a review of B2 grammar and vocabulary. You will also train your reading and writing skills. In the second part of the course you will prepare for the Goethe-Zertikat B2 and learn the necessary strategies in order to succesfully accomplish the reading, listening, writing and speaking tasks.