Our Language School & Philosophy

Language training is understanding and being understood.
Both are important aspects of our language program. 
Our courses are target driven and professional.
Contact us to evaluate your written and spoken skills 
and ensure that the most appropriate class is chosen.

What you will find with us

Small groups
of 3-6 students

With Hybrid-course option
(choose to participate in person at the school or

Private lessons
or semi-private lessons

Individual attention and
flexibility to achieve your personal learning goal.
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For children here

Highly qualified &
experienced teachers

The teacher usually makes the difference….that is why ours are carefully chosen.


Success at the exam depends on a good preparation with an experienced teacher. We prepare you for the TELC, Goethe, KDE, Cambridge exams, IELTS, DELF/DALF, DELE etc.


We use recycled paper,
eco-friendly cleaning products,
NO plastic cups and try to make small contributions to a better environment…

Free coffee
& tea

Contact us for to know more about us and our courses.

Meet our teachers

Helene Roth

School Director & French/German teacher


Course Coordinator & Accounting & Deputy Director

Kerstin Quandt

Head of German Department 
& German teacher for children & adults

Ana Ozyhar

German teacher for children & adults

Beatrice Van Sambeek

German teacher for adults

Eva Szabo

German teacher for adults

Kerstin Jaros

German teacher for adults

Corinne Bassi

German teacher for adults

Eva Ritz

German teacher for children

Krisztina Kecsmar

German teacher for adults

Sabrina Schori

German teacher for children & adults

Dean Shannon

English teacher for adults

Douglas Golding

English teacher for children & adults

Stephanie Bowman

English teacher for adults & children

Isabelle De Domenico

Administrative Assistant, French teacher for children & adults

Marusca Masone

French teacher for children & adults

Stefano Zavalloni

Italian teacher for children & adults

Simona Coda

Italian & Spanish teacher for adults and children

What our students say about our school

Bizard Emmanuelle
Bizard Emmanuelle
26. May, 2023.
There you will find kind & competent teachers making you confortable to speak, not judging your 100 mistakes and helping you to reach your goal. Thank you !
Jose Antonio Gordillo
Jose Antonio Gordillo
22. May, 2023.
Ich empfehle sie jedem, der Deutsch auf eine solide, effiziente und effektive Weise lernen möchte. Wenn Sie auf der Suche nach einer großartigen Lehrerin sind, um Ihre ersten Schritte in der faszinierenden und interessanten Sprache Deutsch zu machen, ist Frau Kerstin Quandt der Profi, den Sie suchen. Sie wird Sie auf einfache, aber tiefgründige Weise unterrichten, mit Spaß, aber ernsthaft, ausgewogen und aufmerksam auf Ihre Bedürfnisse eingehend. Frau Quandt schafft die perfekte Atmosphäre zum Lernen. Sie versteht es, Ihnen zuzuhören und Sie zu motivieren. Sie ist sehr geduldig und respektiert Ihr persönliches Lerntempo, indem sie Ihre kleinen Schritte verstärkt und sie in große Schritte verwandelt. Zögern Sie nicht! Das Roth Sprachatelier ist eine echte Sprachlerngemeinschaft, die Ihnen die deutsche Sprache auf wunderbare Weise näher bringen wird.
Seydi C. Sagre
Seydi C. Sagre
14. October, 2022.
Teachers and school staff are really good and helpful all the time. Highly recommended!!!
Pascal Bänninger
Pascal Bänninger
27. August, 2022.
Nice, central location, great teacher and lovely admin staff with personal attention
Anastasia Piras
Anastasia Piras
24. June, 2022.
I appreciate that they have possibility to record lessons if you can't participate certain days. The teacher was super (Beatrice), she was very patient to explain details and as many times as you need. I want to come back only with the same teacher)). The books are modern with up-to-date vocabulary. And there is a possibility to bring a child to childcare nearby. I took B1 course and then preparation for B1 exam for Goethe Certificate, i successfully did it with good points. Just the course was not enough, but the preparation course was very good, giving me even higher level of the language then after the main course. I recommend it very much as well.

Where the magic happens

Only a four-minute-walk from the Oerlikon train station
We are located right behind Max-Bill Platz