"Recycle my English A2/B1" Course

Group size: 3-6 students, join ongoing classes anytime, fees pro-rated if you join later.

Level: A2-B1

Duration: 16 lessons x 90min

Class type: Conversation & review

Books: -

Course fee: 712 CHF

Time: Thursday

From: September 7, 2023

To: January 26, 2024

Language skills required: A2

Remarks: This course will be conducted as "Hybrid group course": students can choose to be online or at the school
Classes may be joined at any time with prior language knowledge

No class on: 12.10. & 19.12.23 & 21.12. & 28.12. & 04.01.24

What you will learn: Brush up your English in this interactive refresher course offered for the A2-B1 level and get a head start on the next level. Ideal for students who want to strengthen and review their language skills before moving on the next level, we’ll explore online media and video to reinforce conversation abilities, comprehension, grammar and vocabulary. Setting aside the traditional textbook format, we’ll engage with real-world situations and dialogue for a unique, fun transition into the next stage of your English journey.